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The U.S. healthcare industry is synonymous with excellence and opportunity. As medical professionals from around the world seek to cement their place in this dynamic ecosystem, navigating the immigrant visa process becomes crucial. At LexElite, we are honored to assist medical professionals secure their permanent stay in the U.S., making their dreams of contributing to American healthcare and to the world a tangible reality.

Our services in this category includes: 

  1. EB-2 Visas for Professionals with Advanced Degrees: Tailored for medical professionals who possess advanced degrees or demonstrate exceptional ability in their field.

  2. EB-3 Visas for Skilled Workers: For nurses, physical therapists, and other skilled medical professionals looking to contribute their expertise to U.S. healthcare.

  3. National Interest Waiver (NIW): We assist eligible medical professionals who can demonstrate that their work benefits the U.S., potentially waiving the need for a job offer or labor certification.

For our non-immigrant visas services for medical professionals please click here

Pave Your Permanent Pathway in U.S. Medicine

As a medical professional, your expertise can greatly benefit the U.S. healthcare landscape. If you seek a permanent future in U.S. medicine and need assistance navigating the visa process, you could contact us or schedule an appointment online. Together, we'll craft a roadmap to your professional future in the U.S.




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