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Family is at the heart of our lives and bridging the distance to bring loved ones together is a journey filled with emotions and legal intricacies. At LexElite, we are deeply committed to guiding families through the U.S. immigration process, ensuring that they remain united or can reunite on American soil.

Understanding the U.S. family-based immigration system can be challenging, with various visa categories and constantly evolving regulations. We are  well-versed in all facets of family-based immigrant visas, from immediate relative visas to family preference categories.

Our services include:

1. For U.S. Citizens: a U.S. citizen may petition for certain family members to receive either a Green Card, a fiancé(e) visa, or a K-3/K-4 visa based on your relationship. For visas, please see our non-immigrant visas for marriage page.

2. For U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents: As a Green Card holder (permanent resident), you may petition for certain family members to immigrate to the United States as permanent residents. You may petition for the following family members:

  • Spouse (husband or wife)

  • Unmarried children under 21

  • Unmarried son or daughter of any age

3. For Refugees and AsyleesIf you entered the United States as a refugee within the past 2 years or were granted asylee status within the past 2 years, you may petition for certain family members to obtain derivative refugee or asylee status. If you have not yet been granted or applied for refugee or asylee status, please see the Refugees and Asylum page.

We also offer the following services:

  • Adjustment of Status: Supporting those already in the U.S. to transition from a temporary status to a permanent resident.

  • Consular Processing Guidance: Assisting families with visa processing at U.S. consulates and embassies abroad.


At LexElite, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach, treating every case with the care, precision, and attention to detail it deserves. Our primary goal is to simplify the complexities of the immigration process for families, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – being together.

Please feel free to reach out today to start your journey towards family unification.



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