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Once an individual has obtained U.S. citizenship, they have reached the final step in the immigration process. However, there are still several scenarios that you as a newly granted U.S. Citizen, might need help with, including the following:
  1. Family Reunification: Assisting new citizens in petitioning for immigrant visas for immediate family members, such as spouses, children, parents, and in some cases, siblings.
  2. Passport Assistance: Guiding clients on the process of obtaining their U.S. passport.
  3. Dual Citizenship Guidance: Helping clients understand the implications of holding citizenship in two countries, especially when the other country does not formally recognize dual citizenship.
  4. International Adoption Services:


International adoption is another significant area where newly naturalized citizens might seek assistance. If a U.S. citizen wishes to adopt a child from another country, that process falls under the purview of immigration law because the adopted child needs to enter the U.S. legally and might later seek U.S. citizenship.

Our International Adoption Services includes:

  • Hague vs. Non-Hague Adoptions: Assisting clients in understanding the difference between Hague Convention adoptions and non-Hague (or Orphan) adoptions and guiding them through the appropriate process.

  • Filing the Initial Petition: Helping prospective parents file the appropriate form with USCIS (I-800A or I-600A) to determine their eligibility to adopt.

  • Navigating the Adoption Process Abroad: This can include understanding the requirements of the child's home country, interfacing with foreign adoption agencies, and ensuring all international legal standards are met.

  • Securing a Visa for the Adopted Child: Once the adoption is finalized, the child needs an immigrant visa to enter the U.S. This might be an IH (for Hague Convention adoptions) or an IR (for Orphan or Immediate Relative adoptions) visa.

  • Post-Adoption Immigration Services: Assisting with obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship for the adopted child, if necessary, and guiding parents on their rights and responsibilities.

  • Adjustment of Status: If the child enters the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa due to emergency or other reasons, assisting with the adjustment of status process to ensure they become permanent residents and eventually citizens.


International adoption can be a complex process due to the intersection of U.S. immigration law, international treaties (like the Hague Convention), and the laws of the child's home country. An immigration attorney who specializes in or offers services related to international adoption can be invaluable for U.S. citizens navigating this challenging journey.

Should you chose to work with us on any of these matters, we will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way. 




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