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Whether you're a permanent resident planning an extended overseas trip or a refugee looking to visit family abroad, understanding and securing the right travel documents is crucial for a smooth reentry to the U.S. 

The main travel documents issued by USCIS are as follows;

  1. Reentry Permit:

    • For lawful permanent residents (green card holders) or conditional residents.

    • Allows these individuals to re-enter the U.S. after traveling abroad for extended periods (up to two years) without jeopardizing their status.

    • Useful for those who plan to travel abroad for more than a year but less than two years.

  2. Refugee Travel Document:

    • For individuals who have been granted refugee or asylee status in the U.S.

    • Necessary for refugees and asylees who want to travel abroad and return to the U.S. since they might not be able to get a passport from their country of nationality.

  3. Advance Parole Document:

    • For individuals who have a pending application for adjustment of status (to become a lawful permanent resident) or some other immigration benefit.

    • Allows these individuals to travel abroad and return to the U.S. without jeopardizing their pending application.

    • Note: Not recommended for individuals who are inadmissible or those who've accrued unlawful presence.

It is important to note that obtaining one of these travel documents from USCIS does not guarantee reentry to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at the port of entry have the authority to permit or deny admittance to the U.S., and a travel document simply ensures that the traveler is not deemed as seeking admission as a new entrant.

We recommend you consult with an immigration attorney before making travel plans if you are in the middle of an immigration process or if you think you might need any of these travel documents.

If you chose to work with us, we are here to assist you throughout the application process. In case you are unsure about your eligibility or the kind of travel document that you can apply for, you could book a consultation session with us for personalized guidance.



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